April “Soul Food”

Dear CBF Family,

As the season makes its transition, there is a great anticipation in the air. Spring, its warmth, and the life that it reveals, will be welcomed by many who have endured the uniqueness of winter.
Speaking of change and being refreshed, our attention must shift to our next assignment – reading and studying the Word of God. Colossians 1:1-29 will be our focus for this month for the purpose of gaining deeper insight, understanding, and growth, resulting in productivity.

As we focus our attention on Colossians 1:1-29, Let us again distinguish ourselves by sharpening our observational skills with a sense of excellence, and disciplining ourselves by showing due-diligence by going deeper into the word of God.

Let us discipline ourselves in designating a specific time and place to read, observe, and learn; let us distinguish ourselves by placing a great emphasis on reading thoroughly, memorizing carefully, practicing intentionally, obeying willingly, and living wisely – especially as the day grows closer for our Lord’s inevitable return.

Consider these leading questions

  1. According to v. 3,
    what were the two things Paul did in response to hearing the status of he Colossian believers?
  2. According to v. 4,
    what were the two significant signs of their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?
  3. According to vs. 9-12 there are at least eight things that Paul prayed for.
    What are they?
  4. According to v. 15,
    what is the proof that Christ is God?
  5. According to v. 13 & 14,
    what is the specific impact of Christ becoming man and dying for our sins?

Don’t forget to memorize at least three verses and be willing to share with us during morning worship