March Soul Food

Dear CBF Family,

Those of us who are still standing after February’s character-building experience, realize that making decisions in the middle of hazardous, climatic circumstances demands clarity of thought, purpose, and decisive action. For the record, it’s not over yet.

There is another decision we have to make as we enter a new month – another chapter in the Word of God. Again, let us change our focus of reading; and I would encourage you begin to read Acts 16:1-40 for the purpose of gaining deeper insight, understanding, and growth, resulting in productivity.

As we focus our attention on Acts 16:1-40, let us distinguish ourselves by sharpening our observational skills with a sense of excellence. Disciplining ourselves by showing due-diligence by going deeper into the Word of God. Designate a specific time and place to read, observe, and learn.

Consider these leading questions:

  1. What verses address an important appeal to Paul, and what was his response?
  2. What verses deal with Paul being very irritated with attention drawn to him; and what was his
  3. According to verses 19-24,
    what was the reaction of the crowd to Paul and Silas’
  4. What verses described Paul and Silas’ response to being beaten and thrown into
  5. What verses reveal God’s intervention and ultimate outcome, to the glory of God?

Don’t forget to memorize at least three verses and be willing to share with us during morning worship