February “Soul Food”

Dear CBF Family,

While in the transitional pattern of the season, this winter in Chicago has given us a reality check; it keeps us alert to the present, anticipating the future, and maintaining wisdom to make the necessary adjustments as needed.

This is the time to make the necessary adjustments to our reading; and I would encourage you to consider the book of Acts for the purpose of insight, understanding, growth, and productivity.

This month, we turn our attention to Acts 13:1-51

Let us continue to distinguish ourselves by sharping our observational skills with a sense of excellence and, disciplining ourselves by showing due-diligence by going deeper into the word of God.

Place a great emphasis on:

  • reading thoroughly
  • memorizing carefully
  • practicing intentionally
  • obeying willingly
  • living wisely

The day grows closer for our Lord’s inevitable return.

Consider these leading questions:

  1. According to vs. 1-2,
    how were Barnabas and Paul paired for ministry?
  2. According to vs. 5-12,
    who was also with Paul and Barnabas; and what was their first challenge?
  3. According to the warning shared with those in the synagogue in verses 36-43,
    what was the favorable response of many of the hearers?
  4. What made the Gentiles happy and glorify God?
  5. According to vs. 50-52,
    what was the response to Paul and Barnabas by the Jews?

Don’t forget to memorize at least three verses and be willing to share with us during morning worship

God’s Richest Blessings,


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