January “Soul Food”

Dear CBF Family,

In Gods creative wisdom in doing things, there is a time for everything; changes in days, months, years, and even seasons. He has also enabled us to make adjustments in things we do to keep things fresh, functional, and productive.

It is time again to change the attention of our reading, and I would encourage you to consider the book of Acts 2:1-47
for the purpose of insight, understanding, growth, and productivity.

Let us distinguish ourselves by sharpening our observational skills with a sense of excellence and disciplining ourselves by showing due-diligence by going deeper into the word of God.

Place a great emphasis on:

  • reading thoroughly
  • memorizing carefully
  • practicing intentionally
  • obeying willingly
  • living wisely

The day grows closer for our Lord’s inevitable return.

Consider these leading questions:

  1. According to Acts 2:14-21:
    Why was Peter quoting the book of Joel?
  2. Looking closely at Acts 2:1-4:
    list five significant things that happened to those who were present?
  3. According to Acts 2:41-45:
    What was the impact of Peter’s address to the bewildered crowd who heard the speaking of tongues in their language and believed the message?
  4. According to Acts 2:22 & 23:
    What did Perter accuse his attentive audience of doing?
  5. According to Acts 2:12 & 13:
    What were the three responses of those who witnessed the tongues that were given?

Don’t forget to memorize at least three verses and be willing to share with us during morning worship

God’s Richest Blessings,